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Wednesday May 22nd 2019
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My name is Mark and I'm the designer/developer of My Trails and a passionate cyclist and runner.

Since 2010 I have spent more than 5428 hours developing and improving My Trails. It has been a rewarding and challenging experience developing this site and watching thousands of people from all over the world contribute to it. I've received a lot of feedback both positive and constructive and have tried my best to answer all questions and improve the site as per your requests.

My Trails is a free service that I fund out of my own pocket.

If you find it useful then please consider donating to further support the project. All money received from donations will be used to fund further hosting and development. You can donate as little or as much as you wish - all donations will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for your kind support.


Note: mytrails.com.au (the Website) is not the same company as MyTrails (the Android Application) and receives none of its profits.
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