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Tuesday April 23rd 2019
Off Road
Trail: Mount Hotaka
Japan / Nagano Prefecture / Matsumoto / Off Road / Hiking / darwinlai
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Trail Description
長袖襯衫,T卹,內衣,褲子,襪子,雨具,雨衣,登山鞋,登山鞋,扎克,小背包,防水的工作人員回來了,口水戰,鱷魚,水瓶,Terumosu,頭燈(+備用電池),傘,毛巾,冬天的衣服,帽子,手套,手套,工作手套,太陽鏡,衣服,地圖(地形根視圖),指南針,記事本,書寫工具,改變手錶,照相機,攀登計劃(未來),刀,修復工具, zelt,健康保險證,急救和醫療產品,驅蚊器,驅蚊的化學物質,Kumasuzu熊除了噴霧,應急食品,磚,錄音磁帶,光冰爪,登山杖,GPS設備,爐灶,燃料,杯,Kochel
Time: 7hrs : 28mins
Avg Speed: 5kph
Pace: 12mins : 0secs / km
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darwinlai uploaded this trail via My Trails in the form of a GPX file.

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